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Rafting the Mohikinui


After being hassled for years by my brother who owns and runs Ultimate Descents in Murchison I decided it was time to embrace the rapids so I signed up for the Mohikinui Heli trip.

After enjoying the absolutely stunning scenery on one of the longest helicopter flights the West Coast has to offer we arrive at our starting point. Tumbling from the mountains and the Thousand Acre plateau, the Mokihinui River carves though impressive bedrock canyons and sub-tropical rain forest as it rushes to the Tasman Sea.

Only recently discovered as a rafting river, a pioneering expedition on the north branch of this river in the spring of 1998 produced a classic trip. From the put-in spot in the Mokihinui North Branch the river is steep and creaky, with long technical rapids containing chutes, slides and drop offs up to 3 metres. The action is non-stop as rapids continue to lead into rapids and the longest pool all day only spanning 400 metres!

Reaching a sandy beach near the end of the gorge we unpack our expedition gear and set up camp on a mossy terrace above the rivers edge. Soon the campfire is roaring and we settle in for an evening of fine wine, food and relaxation before drifting off to sleep to the sound of the river.

Check out Tims website for more info on other rafting adventures www.rivers.co.nz

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