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Exploring Castle Hill


The weekend is looming and we’re longing to get out of the city. The GPS is set on Arthurs Pass in the Southern Alps and the magical Castle Hill Village. Less than an hour’s drive from Tiki HQ, this is a beautiful drive through the Canterbury countryside and into the foothill of the Southern Alps.

It’s not just us who think this place is magical; in 2002 the Dali Lama named the area a "Spiritual Centre of the Universe". The area holds special cultural, spiritual and historical significance to The Maori tribe Ngai Tahu who named it Kura Tawhiti (treasure from afar). Hidden among the limestone outcrops of Castle Hill are traces of 500-year old drawings, traditionally said to have been left by the first people to travel through this area. We make a stop at Castle Hill Station to explore these magnificent limestone boulders.

After a few hours exploring the rocks we arrive at our cosy cabin where we will be spending the weekend. We get the fire roaring, the lamb in the oven and pour ourselves a nice glass of Tiki Pinot Noir. As we step outside in the crisp New Zealand evening the Milky Way greets us and we are once again reminded of how amazing little old New Zealand is. 

On Sunday we head back to the city with full hearts and another story to tell. 

We would love to hear about your adventures. Email us your great adventure stories to tess@tikiwine.com with photos to go with them and we will send you a bottle of wine in return. We may upload these stories to this page or post them on our social media accounts.